Sunday, 24 February 2008

Environmental Education Advisors

Networking Session 2008

Venue : Nanyang Girl's High

Date : 23 February 2008

The YEGs were again present at the 2nd session of the Environmental Education Advisors networking session.

This time the YEGs managed to sell 12 bottles of Shoo ! Mozzie. Here, the YEGs explains how the the Shoo ! Mozzie works.

This is the link to this website called Handmade Organic Mosquito Repellent (HOMeR)

This is where the YEGs discovered the effectiveness of using lemon grass as a mosquito repellent.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Collaboration with Cicada Tree eco-place

Cicada Tree Eco-Place

In 2008, the YEGs from Mayflower Secondary School was honoured to collaborate, work and learn from Cicada Tree Eco-Place(CTEP), a NGO newly founded in Singapore in 2007.

Here are some FAQs about this NGO.

1.What is the Cicada Tree Eco-Place?

Cicada Tree Eco-Place is a non-profit NGO that promotes eco-living, and embraces our natural & cultural heritage through environmental education.

2. When was it founded?

Founded in Singapore in 2007 by volunteer educators & environmentalists, it is named after a native freshwater swamp plant whose habitat is locally endangered.

3. Who are the co-founders of the CTEP?

The co-founders are Dr Vilma D’Rozario, Teresa Teo Guttensohn and Celine Low.

4. What are the objectives of the CTEP?

The objectives are:

  • provide affordable and quality environmental education for all

  • promote local and regional flora & fauna

  • demonstrate and encourage adoption of an eco-lifestyle by individuals and organisations

5. Who do we call for more information?

Central Singapore

Youth Environmental Guardians

Sharing Session

The YEG from Mayflower sent a team to the sharing session on the 26th January 2008.

The team answering questions posted by the judges.

Here are some of the reflection from the students who have taken part in the sharing session.

Wong Lai Yee
For me, the entire process of working with my YEG teammates on the climate change project had been a fruitful and enjoyable one.
Not only have I been able to gain more information on climate change, I've managed to work hand in hand in a team, producing such excellent work :P
Although we didn't manage to win,I'm very glad to know it was a close fight between us and the winner!

Jeremias Goh Jian Zhi

Having participated in various ‘Youth Environmental Guardian’ activities, I found the ‘Central Singapore Youth Environmental Guardian Sharing Session’ the most memorable. In this event, I felt that my team and I had really reached out, to share with the audience through our very own innovative skid, video and slides to help reduce the effects of ‘Climate Change’.

To be honest, I was quite shocked, when the judges announced that we lost the competition, as I thought that the judges was impressed with our presentation as we surpass others in certain aspects but it was those others ‘X-factors’ that contributed to the lost. However, it does not matter that we win as that was definitely not what we wanted to achieve, what we wanted was to go ‘Global’ in spreading the message of going ‘Clean&Green’, which motive us to create awareness to the heartlanders and the Youths. Thus, I’m sure that the winner of the competition will be able to do that too by presenting to the grassroot leaders while we work on other aspects.

I also value quality time when we came together to meet, to discuss and produce a skid and during the process I’m sure that we all had fun and enjoyed it. Although we can't be always be together all the time spreading ‘YEG’ message, we will always have the ‘Youth Environmental Guardian Spirit’ in us, as our enthusiasm to save ‘Mother Earth’ will never die - Coming together is a beginning, Working together is a process and Keeping together is a success.

In conclusion, during my journey being a YEG, I have learned more about our Mother Earth and enjoyed working together. So, if everyone could work together, help each other and do their little part to save ‘Mother Earth’ we will be able to prevent ‘Climate Change’ for which ‘No man is an Island’.

A reflection from another YEG.
The Youth Environmental Guardian sharing session held at Onepeople @ Singapore was a great experience for me as well as my teammates. Although we were rather disappointed that we did not manage to win the competition but winning was not the main motive for this. It is because we believe in saving Mother Nature and we did it to create awareness and allow people (mainly youths) to understand the many consequences if nothing is done. We have great fun during those times when we meet up to work on our project, it’s not about the end product but the process. Getting together, learning more through practice is one of the major reward we have received. Thus, I urge everyone to do your part today.