Saturday, 14 February 2009

To celebrate Valentine Day in Mayflower, the YEGs decided to sell Love pack that they obtained from Cicada Tree Eco Place. The fund raised will contribute to the activities that CTEP conducts to promote eco-living. This love pack is different from other commercial gifts as it helps to educate the public on the need to protect the environment.

Cicada Tree Eco-Place Love Earth Gift Pack
1)Shoo! Mozzie — A glass bottle of herbal mosquito repellant made of fragrant essential oil of Citronella in Aloe vera gel.

All ingredients are organically grown and produced.

2)A pressed leaf bookmark from native trees, with natural Jute fibre tassel. Look & feel the fantastic venation as you read!

3)Aromatic posy of Cinnamon bark, Bay leaf, Star Anise &/or Rosemary. To place in your cupboard or office drawer.

4)Eco-packaging: Natural Jute fibre cloth, ribbon of Raffia reed plant & unbleached corrugated cardboard backing.

5)Cicada Tree wildlife education leaflet, printed on 100% recycled paper.

This contents label is printed on reused paper. Plastic is harmful to Earth & we have tried to minimise its use.

This gift has been hand-packed with love & gratitude for the natural riches of our only home Planet Earth!

The colour pencils are made from recycle newspaper and so do not contain lead.

Mdm Faridah, our resident interior decorator cum florist, helped to ensure that the products were presented with taste and style.

Mrs. Audrey Koh brained-stormed with Mdm Faridah on the best sale strategy that the students can use to promote eco-living.

The students carried the basket around persuading the teachers to buy eco-friendly products that will not harm the environment.

It was a wonderful feeling to be able to make a sale.

Sir, this gift will sure to make your valentine happy.

The sale team with Mrs Audrey Koh. They managed to sell 16 box of colour pencils and 5 love packs. Altogether we managed to raise $210 for Cicada Tree Eco Place.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

EEA Networking Session on the 7th February.

A new group of YEGs were at the Environmental Educator Advisor (EEA) Networking session on the 7th of February from 8.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.

They were inspired to promote environmental awareness after Mdm Faridah had spoken to them.

The event was held at Nanyang Girl's School.

To promote eco-living, banana leaves were used as table cloth instead of plastic tablecloth.

Marcus, a senior YEG, was on hand to train the Sec 1 students on how to promote eco-living.

Students were selling the Shoo Mozzie to encourage the use of organic insect repellent instead of the one sold in stalls which contain DEET.

The training paid off. They could explain to the teachers who were attending the session about the benefit of using the Shoo Mozzie.

The students also explained the other programmes that Cicada Tree Eco Place(CTEP) has to promote eco-living.

Prof Vilma one of the founder of Cicada Tree Eco Place were also there to explain to the teachers about the programmes that CTEP offered.

The event offered the students a platform to practise their oral communication skills. They persuaded the teachers about the benefit of using Shoo Mozzie.

The students were so happy when they could convinced the teachers.

One of our alumni Vanessa who is studying in the JC now, also came down to lend support to the new YEG.

In the end, the YEGs managed to sell eighty bottles of Shoo Mozzie.

Meanwhile, Mdm Farida was attending the Networking session where she met other EEAs.

During the networking session, the NEA presented the Sustained Achievement Award to Mayflower Secondary School for the Recycling Outreach Programme.

A final photo before the YEGs leave the networking sessions.

Reflection questions for the YEGs.

1. How did you feel after this activity?

2. What lesson did you learn?

3.What suggestions can you provide to make the event better?

Please post your answer.DO remember to leave your name and class.
Thank you.

This is the response from Prof Vilma.

February 7, 2009 9:04 pm
Dear Frances,
Wow! that was fast! The blog is great.

Congrats on a great day!

It was great to see you YEGs in action, promoting shoo mozzie, selling it, selling our buttons and selling our programs!

I was amazed at their energy. It was also great to see the seniors induct the juniors.

Thanks to Marcus and Vanessa. Thanks again to the students for selling our buttons... I banked in $60 to our ctep fund today because your students did such a good job!

ctep appreciates this partnership and we'd like to continue to work with mayflower this year.

Btw, your students are also called OOH volunteers--Our Only Home volunteers :)
Yes, we will put your blogsite on our upcoming website as a hot blog.

Thanks again

Note from the Ess : So now we can also call ourselves OOH. We will try to find opportunities to work with ctep.
Look out for more updates

YEG at the EEA Networking Session