Friday, 24 April 2009

Environment Champions Badge.

In 2008, 6 Youth Environmental Guardians (YEGs) were awarded the Gold for the Environment Champions Badge. This year, 18 YEGs were awarded the God badge.

The EC Badge rewards ECs who are actively involved in environmental activities and have been keeping environmental issues alive in their school and local community.

Aside from delivering environmental talks and presentations to their school-mates, these ECs also work closely with their teacher-mentors, or Environmental Educational Advisors (EEAs), to spearhead environmental initiatives for their school.

This is an on-going effort and by no means, a smooth-sailing one, on top of an already challenging academic curriculum. Hence, to reward the efforts and outcomes of these deserving ECs and inspire them to new and better achievements, NEA launches the 'Environment Champions Badge'.

The highest level of recognition is for an EC whose concern for the environment takes him beyond the confines of the school and seeks to inspire the larger community to assume personal responsibility for the environment. He would be awarded a gold badge.

Here are a sampleof the activities that these YEGs have done in 2008 to earn the Gold badges.

Yonng Qing working together with the MP of Yeo Chu Kang to keep Ang Mo Kio clean.

Win, Jian Hao and Rui Xian as presenters at the 4th Central Singapore District Public Health Forum

Performing for the Ang Mo Kio resident at Project Clean

Two of our YEGs Jian Hao and Srisakvarakul Chaiyakorn, involved in the video filming for Chikungunya Highlight on the 26 June 2008, Thursday at 2.30pm (Little India) & 27 June 2008, Friday at 1.15pm (Environment Health Institute).

School's Green Audit Award ORCHID

The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) gives out awards to school that participate in its “How Green is Your School” programme. Mayflower Secondary has been participating in this programme since 2007.

The programme hopes to highlight that as an individual, and collectively as a group, we are able to make a difference to our environment.

In 2007, we received the Hibiscus Award. In 2008 we have improved and received the next level of award which is the Orchid Award.

This award is given to school which has satisfactorily complete at least 90% of the total Audit questions as well as showing a high-level of environmental concern.

This year, Ophelia Sek of Sec 3I represented our school to received the award.

We are looking forward to continue to play our part in protecting the environment. Although we do not go for reward nor award, we are glad when our effort is recognised.