Monday, 11 August 2008


On the 4th August, the YEG ACRES to put up a road show in our school. ACRES stands for Animal Concerns Research and Education Society.

As animals cannot speak up for themselves, it is up to humans to give them a voice, speak up their behalf and end their abuse. ACRES believed in giving this voice to the animals.

Later, the founder of ACRES Mr Louis Ng gave an inspiring talk about his work to the students.

Here, Simon Lim, the leader of the group of YEGs taking part in the Citobank Youth for Cause presented the cheque of $3 000 that has been rasied for ACRERS through the sales of Shoo Mozzie.

Meanwhile a production crew from Channel U was producing a programme on Louis and his work. Later after the talk, they interviewed a group of YEGs from the ESS Army.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Great News

In May the YEGs were given funds to produce Shoo Mozzie through the Citibank-YMCA Youth for Cause.

We are glad to announced that we have almost achieved our target of selling 500 bottles of Shoo Mozzies.

Through the hard work of all the YEGs we have managed to sell the following bottles of Shoo Mozzies.

39 bottles at Anchorpoint

16 bottles from Kebun Bahru Parent cum Block Party

9 bottles from fun fair in school

2 bottles from World view 360 competition

416 bottles at Singapore Garden Festival

482 total sale up to 31st July.

We are confident that we will be able to sell the last 12 bottles during the Humanities Week from 4th August to 8th August 2008.

Down memory lane.....

It all started with 4 YEGs who wanted to produce the all natural organic mosquito repellent. They have learnt how to produce it from an environmental NGO called Cicada Tree Eco Place. So they decided to appeal for funds from the Youth for Cause project. Here they are putting the final touch to their project.

Production of Shoo Mozzie began in earnest once approval was given. Ms Faridah was in charge of the production.

All the YEGs dropped by to help. Some teachers including Ms Sherri Ng and Mrs Audrey Koh also lend a helping hand.

We started to sell at Anchor Point,

and in our school.

We sold the most bottles at the Singapore Garden Festival.

We were effectively triangle as we deployed students who can speak, Chinese, Malay and English to promote the Shoo Mozzie.

Three YEGs, took part in the 4th Central Singapore District Public Health Forum on 31st July 2008. They are Srisakvakul Chaiyakorn,Leow Jian Hao and Peh Rui Xiang.

4th Central Singapore District Public Health Forum 2008
31 July 2008
6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m., The Grassroots Club

6.00pm Arrival of participants/Dinner
7.00pm Participants seated/ Start of Forum
7.10pm Making The SWITCH - Review of Central Singapore’s Game Plans
Against Climate Change
7.20pm Sharing of Dengue Situation Report in Central Singapore
7.30pm Arrival of Guest of Honour
7.35pm Welcome Speech by Mayor
7.45pm Launch of Central Singapore “ME CAN” Network
7.50pm “The Chikungunya Chronicles” Video Special
8.10pm “Cool The Climate, Fight The Bite” Skit
8.30pm “Face 2 Face” stage interview
9.15pm Presentation of Tokens Of Appreciation To Panelists
9.30pm End of Forum

Srisakvakul Chaiyakorn and Jian Hao were featured in “The Chikungunya Chronicles” Video Special.

Meanwhile Rui Xiang took part in the“Face 2 Face” stage interview . He is the one seated on the extream right .