Friday, 9 January 2009

Eco-Outreach in School

Mayflower Secondary is honoured to continue the partnership with Cicada Tree Eco Place (CTEP) in 2009.

The first event that was held in partnership was CTEP was the Eco-Outreach held on 9th January 2009, during the CCA exhibition for the Secondary One Orientation.

Cicada Tree Eco Place set up two exhibitions to share with the students and parents about Eco-living in school and at home.

These were the familiar YEGs who has helped to promote Shoo Mozzie since 2008 at the Singapore Garden Festival.

Being in the YEGs allow our students to have opportunities to practise their salesmanship skills.

A new group of YEGs set up the exhibition at about 12.30 p.m.

The container that is used to hold the lemon grass is made of cane and is recycleable.

Banana leaf was used as table cloth instead of the normal plastic one to demonstrate that it is possible to be organic when a little more effort is put in.

The new group of YEGs explaining the merit of using organic insect repellent.

The YEG will be promoting the Love Earth Gift Pack on Valentine's Day.

Cicada Tree Eco-Place Love Earth Gift Pack


1)Shoo! Mozzie — A glass bottle of herbal mosquito repellant made of fragrant essential oil of Citronella in Aloe vera gel.

All ingredients are organically grown and produced.

2)A pressed leaf bookmark from native trees, with natural Jute fibre tassel. Look & feel the fantastic venation as you read!

3)Aromatic posy of Cinnamon bark, Bay leaf, Star Anise &/or Rosemary. To place in your cupboard or office drawer.

4)Eco-packaging: Natural Jute fibre cloth, ribbon of Raffia reed plant & unbleached corrugated cardboard backing.

5)Cicada Tree wildlife education leaflet, printed on 100% recycled paper.

This contents label is printed on reused paper. Plastic is harmful to Earth & we have tried to minimise its use.

This gift has been hand-packed with love & gratitude for the natural riches of our only home Planet Earth!

Every cent from its sale goes to Cicada Tree Eco-Place Wildlife Education programs.