Saturday, 30 May 2009

Singapore Last Wild Cat Species.

One of the activity that Cicada Tree EcoPlace does is to leads children on nature walks, teaching them about the various species in the animal and insect world as well as discussions on the native plants. In this way, the children lose their fear and gain knowledge of the environment. And with knowledge of subjects, most often time comes respect of those subjects.

Inspired by Cicada Tree, the YEGs of Mayflower decided to learn more about the Leopard Cat from Cicada Tree so that they can also help to promote the conservation of Singapore Last Wild Cat Species.

We started in a small way at the Envirofest 2009. We used the mask that was designed by Cicada Tree Eco Place to introduce children about the Leopard Cat.

Here are some interesting information about the Leopard Cat.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) Youth Symposium - A Vision For Hope

The Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) Youth Symposium - A Vision For Hope will be held on 6th June 2009
This Symosium will provide an opportunity for 250 14–20 year-olds to meet other Roots & Shoots groups and work together to create a vision that will truly make a difference.

Events include a Green Generation Concert at the Singapore Botanical garden on the 5th of June and a Youth Symposium on the 6th of June.

Read more for details.

For more information please go to this website:

For more information please go to this website

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Envirofest 2009.

Envirofest 2009

The YEG were at the Toa Payoh Hub from 23rd to the 24th May to take part in the Envirofest 2009 in partnership with Cicada Tree Eco Place.

Ms Faridah with some of the students before the start of the event.

A YEG explaining to the public about the need for eco living.

You can go to the Cicada Tree Eco Place website to view these poster again or other posters which includes eco@home, eco@school and eco@work and play.

Tracy, one of our more experience YEG training a new YEG on how to promote Shoo Mozzie, an all natural insect repellent that was developed by Cicada Tree Eco Place.

One for the camera before the new YEG start her environment work.

One of the activity that the YEG promoted was to generate an awareness about the leopard cat.

Children were given a picture of the leopard cat to colour.

Full concentration required.

One of the YEG helping to make the mask for the leopard cat.

Showing the mask with pride.

The final product.

According to Prof Vilma :
"It’s important to protect the leopard cat as it’s the last wild cat species we have in S’pore. It’s rare in S’pore and hard to spot as it’s found mainly on an offshore island. On the mainland, its numbers are very small. Hence it’s an endangered species in S’pore. "

More about this animal can be found at

Reflection Questions for YEGs.

1. What did you learnt from taking part in this event?

2. Do you think you have been successful in promoting eco-living to the public?

3. What else can we do to promote eco living?