Friday, 18 December 2009

YEG Orchard Garden

It has been an eventful year for the YEGs. Aftre selling the Shoo Mozzie at various events in 2009, they have managed to raise enough funds to plants beautiful orchards around Mayflower Secondary School.

The YEG first identified areas around the school where orchards can be planted.

One area was near the classroom block.

Another area was outside the school.

The YEG is so happy that more students can now enjoy the beauty of orchards.

The YEG is grateful to Mr Han our Operation Manager for helping to source for areas to plant the orchards and Ms Faridah for working so hard to select the orchards.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

The YEGs were at the Central Singapore Clean and Green Carnival 2009 on Saturday 5th Dec 2009 at City Square Mall.

They were there to teach the public on how to make natural mosquito repellents.

We first explained that lemon grass, which is a common herb that can be found in our kitchen, is an effective and safe natural mosquito repellent.

This is how it is created.

First you have to kill all the germs on your hand with the germs killer.

Do the same with the container that will be used to hold the insect repellent.

Next combined the essential oil (two drops of lemon grass and four drops of Citronellan oil) with 180 mg of goat milk cream. And there you have it.

Safe and simple with no preservatives or DEET (which is a common ingredient that is found in many commercial mosquito insect repellent)

The YEG had the opportunity to share with our Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Wong Kan Sing and the Mayor for Central Singapore DistrictZainudin Nordin about our product.

It was an enjoyable experience and an enriching exercise to spend the weekend at the Clean and Green Carnival.

Alina, one of our pioneer YEG being featured in one of the exhibition booth.

She has just completed her A level. Each year, she is there to provide support and guidance for the YEG.

Eugene, another pioneer form the same batch of YEG was also there to help out.

For more information please go to this website

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Marina Barrage

Built across the mouth of the Marina Channel, the Marina Barrage creates Singapore’s 15th reservoir, and the first in the heart of the city.

With a catchment area of 10,000 hectares, or one-sixth the size of Singapore, the Marina catchment is the island’s largest and most urbanised catchment.

Together with two other new reservoirs, the Marina Reservoir will boost Singapore’s water catchment from half to two-third’s of the country’s land area.

The Marina Barrage is the result of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s vision nearly two decades ago when he envisaged damming the mouth of the Marina Channel to create a freshwater reservoir.

Please visit this website for more information

Monday, 22 June 2009

Our Waters Programme

PUB’s Our Waters programme aims to nurture a sense of ownership and encourage Singaporeans to be guardians of our water.

On 21st July 2009, PUB welcomed Mayflower Secondary School as a partner of Our Waters Programme.

We will work together to take care of the waters of Marina Reservoir.

The Our Waters programme seeks to encourage groups from the 3P sectors of the community:

  • People (schools, grassroots organizations, town councils and non-government organizations)
  • Private (corporations)
  • Public (government organizations)

This is the report from Channel NewAsia

On Sunday, students from Singapore Polytechnic and 21 secondary schools signalled their commitment by adopting the Marina Reservoir.

Mayor for North West CDC, Dr Teo Ho Pin — a champion of water safety in Singapore — was also at the event.

Since its opening last year, the Marina Barrage and Reservoir has played host to many activities and attracted more than 400,000 visitors.

So as part of the two—year adoption programme, students aged 13 to 17 will conduct water—quality testing and clean—up activities at the reservoir.

They will also be volunteer guides at the Sustainable Singapore Gallery.

Channel NewsAsia - Monday, June 22

The YEGs were at the Marina Barrage on Sunday to start the ball rolling. Together with Cicada Tree Eco Place, we put up an exhibition on Eco Living in Singapore.

They were also there to promote Shoo Mozzie, the all natural 100% organic insect repellent.

By encouraging Singaporean to use natural ingredient, we have started the process of encourage Singaporean to use less chemical and more natural product.

For example, when we start to use eco-friendly, insect repellent, soaps and detergents, we are using products that are free from phosphates or petrochemicals.

Dr Teo Ho Pin the Guest of Honour at the Singapore International Water Festivals was presented with a bottle of the Shoo Mozzie.

Mrs Lim, our principal were also there to show her support for the YEGs.

Later on, a group of our students who were taking part in the dragon boat race visited our booth.

Our Choir also performed at the event.

Our dragon boat team putting their heart and soul into the race.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Singapore International Water Festival (SIWF)

This is a roving exhibition for schools.This attractive and comprehensive poster exhibition seeks to impart important information on eco-living, carbon footprint and how to make a difference!
his exhibition contains simple and practical green tips for daily eco-living, written in easy-to-read text with attractive native wildlife pictures.

The location of the education booths
is at the Courtyard Central, in front of pump room, beside the staircase to the 2nd level facing the Information Centre of the Barrage. (along the stretch where the people are standing in the picture). The booths will be directly visible from the main entrance.

The YEG will also be selling Shoo! Mozzie, badges from Cicada Tree Eco Place, recycled bags and diary made from recycled paper.

Here are some places where the reving exhibition has been too.

A vision of Hope --- Jane Goodall Symposium at the Singapore American School
Envirofest 2009 at the Toa Payoh HDB Hub

Monday, 8 June 2009

The Making of Shoo! Mozzie

The making of Shoo! Mozzie.

During the school holidays, a group of YEGs came back to make a new batch of Shoo Mozzie.

These are the ingredients for the Shoo! Mozzzie. Aloe Vera Gel, essential oils of lemon grass and citronella.

Lemongrass and citronella are natural insect repellents and have been a traditional remedy against mosquito attacks for many years since before the appearance of DDT and other modern insecticides.

YEGs bottling the Shoo! Mozzie.

Putting on the stickers.
Shoo! Mozzie comes in a handy 30 ml glass amber bottle as glass is more environmentally friendly than plastic

The coloured glass keeps out UV rays which damage the contents. Store shoo! Mozzie in a cool, dark place to prolong shelf life.

The funds we raised from the sale of Shoo Mozzie will be donated to Cicada Tree Eco Place for them to conduct educational programmes for the public.

We thank Mr Jacob Lai from
who has kindly sponsored an additional one bottles of Shoo! Mozzie.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Green Generation Concert

A group of YEGs, NCC cadet and Scouts form Mayflower Secondary School were helping out at the Green Generation Concert held on 5th June 2009 at the Singapore Botanic Garden.

They were working in partnership with the Group Endevours Service Learning Group, a group of teachers from the National Institute of Education. Here, they were giving instructions to our students.

Our students waiting to start work.

The palce where the concert was held.

After the event, our students were on hand to clear the rubbish.

All for one and one for all.

Students waiting for the concert to start.

Thanks to Mrs Evelyn Ng and Ms Kamali who were there with the students.
Appreciation to Mr. Gana Mr. Edwin Ho and Ms Faridah who helped to recruit the students from Scout, NCC and the YEGs.