Saturday, 28 March 2009

Recycling Project: Collection of Newspaper

A group of Sec 5 students embarked on a newspaper collection project on the 27th March 2009.

They collected newspaper from the residents of Ang Mo Kio town as part of the Recycling Outreach Project.

The Recycling Outreach Programme is a community involvement programme (CIP) by the National Environment Agency (NEA).

The programme aims to involve schools to reach out not only to their school community but also their neighbouring residents.

This programme aim to encourage environmental action and awareness towards minimizing waste and recycling.

One final picture for the road...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

National Youth Business Challenge

The YEGs took part in the National Youth Business Challenge on the 22nd March. This event took place on a Sunday at Compasspoint.

This is the team, Flower Power which took part in the competition. Their teacher advisor is Mrs Audrey Koh.

The YEGs took the opportunity to educate the public on the need to recycle, reuse and reduce through the distribution of posters on recycling that were obtained from NEA.

Through this method, the public learnt about the importance of the 3Rs in our life.

A group of Sec 2 YEGs were there to provide support for the team. They were from class 2A. Thank you Jordan, Sheng Jie, Yoo Chen, Brendan, Ji Kang, Jiaqing, Kee Pin , Naomi and Jia Xin for sacrificing your holiday to help.

Ophelia gave a great presentation to the judges.

The judges were impressed with the public speaking skills of Marcus. The team won the most enthusiastic award for this competition.

Because our main aim was not to win the competition but to educate the public about eco living, we took this opportunity to raise funds for ACRES too. Here Jia Xin found a great way to promote the ACRES badges

Naomi bagging one of the badge with recycled paper bags that the Enterprise Club made for this event.

YEGs promoting the benefit of using the Shoo Mozzie.

Using posters obtained from N.E.A. to decorate our stall at teh same time promoting eco-living.

These are the bags made by the Enterprise Club.

Pen made from recycled paper.

Badges promoting ACRES's mission.

Students from the Enterprise Club supporting the YEGs by packaging our goods with recycled materials.

"Hmm... what happen if the world used recycled paper bags?"

The ess as part of the display for the Shoo Mozzie?

Reflection question: Seeing the BIG PICTURE.

1. One of the mission of the YEG is "No Reward, No Award. No CCA points, No CIP hours." Since you do not get any reward for doing YEG work, why do you still continue to work for the environment?

2. Which do you think is more important, winning the competition or educating the public on the need to save the environment?

3. Describe one lesson you have learnt by participating in this event.

Nationla Youth Business Challenge

Thursday, 19 March 2009

2nd Internatioal Conference on Character Development

A group of YEGs attended the 2nd International Conference on Character Development through Service and Experiential Learning.

This conference took place from 17 to 18th March 2009 at the National Institute of Education.

The YEGs also put up an exhibition panel at the "Youth Voice in Service Learning."

The exhibition panel that was put up.

This poster shows the work of the YEGs.

This poster shows our students using the CARE values for Service Learning.

This poster shows how reflection and learning are infused into the services component.

Students getting ready for the exhibition.

Mdm Feridah training the YEGs to speak to the public.

Our YEGS getting ready to promote the message of eco-living through the Sale of Shoo Mozzie.

One of our YEGs, Marcus speaking to a teacher about Shoo Mozzie.

A happy customer is a satisfied customer.

"Can you tell me what is so good about the Shoo Mozzie?"

The YEGs aslo found time to learn from other schools.

Reflection Questions for YEGs whho has taken part in this event. Please answer at least one question.

1. How did the school CARE value prepare you for this event?

2. How did your effort contribute to saving the environment?

3. How did you overcome your fear of speaking to stranger?

4. Why did you volunter for this programme?

5. What lesson did you learn about saving the environment?

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Central Singapore Youth Environmental Guardians

Central Singapore Youth Environmental Guardians is jointly organised by Central Singapore Community Development Council (CS CDC) and the National Environment Agency - Central Regional Office (NEA CRO).

2 The programme aims to cultivate our youths to be champions of environmental public health issues by offering a volunteering avenue that allows them to learn, share, network and contribute to the creation of a clean and green Central Singapore district.

3 There are two focus areas in the programme that seeks to groom and engage the youth volunteers - Learning & Sharing and Contributing to a Clean & Green Central Singapore district.

The Programme

I. Learning and Sharing
This segment of the programme aims to increase awareness of issues relating to public health through:

• Training workshop
The students will undergo a training session to equip them with background knowledge on public health issues such as littering, dengue, pests, climate change & recycling.

• Forum
A Forum will be scheduled after the training workshop. The YEGs will need to or present a summary report on their community engagement experiences to share with the other school’s YEGs. Briefly, the report would include:
a) Topic of their project(s)

b) Community partners they partnered with
c) Outreach efforts - numbers of households engaged, key messages that were passed on to the community etc
d) Learning points - what have they learnt during the community engagement process

The YEGs from Mayflower Secondary School went for the training on the 6th of March at the Singapore Science Center.

The YEGs waiting eagerly for the training session to start.

The students found the training insightful and interesting.

Students conducting an experiment.

After the indoor lesson, the students proceed to the outdoor lesson.

The students found the pond teaming with life.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Training for the NYBC

To be effective environmentalist needs training. When the YEGs set up road shows to raise funds for our partner NGOs like Cicada Tree Eco Place and ACRES, being trained in running a business will be useful. With this in mind, the YEGs took part in the National Youth Business Challenge

One team of YEGs from Mayflower Secondary School entered the final of the (NYBC).

According to the it's website ( the National Youth Business Challenge (NYBC) is an annual outreach programme organized by Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Business & Accountancy.

It seeks to offer meaningful and enriching learning experience for secondary school students through hands on learning. Experiential learning emphasizes on practical application of theory in a realistic setting with the macro and micro forces coming into play. This educational model will encourage learning self-sufficiency as well as allow for genuine learning through reflection on experience.

This year in collaboration with Freaser & Neave, the theme is set to be environmental friendly. As such, student teams will be taught essential practical business skills and knowledge to set up earth friendly businesses.

In line with the Ministry of Education’s thrust to foster awareness of the importance of earth friendly businesses, the School of Business and Accountancy, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Compass Point Shopping Centre are jointly organizing a competition to harness the energies of the youth to generate earth friendly business concepts and ideas.

To provide realistic hands-on learning, student teams in the finals will have the opportunity to market their earth business for 2 days, over the weekend in the Compass Point Shopping Centre in Sengkang.

Topics will include: - Marketing- Retails Management- Entrepreneurship- Customer Service- Operation- Human Resource The final part of NYBC will see student teams marketing their business in the real world, Compass point on 21st and 22nd March 2009. It will be accompanied by performances, quiz and competitions.

Our CEO Marcus Quek and CFO Jeremiah Chan.

Our retail executives.

Our treasurer with one of our Borad of Director Mrs Koh.

Our CEO and CIF refining the business plan during the workshop.

The YEGs will be setting up the shop on 22nd March, Sunday at Compass Point from 11 a.m. to 9 a.m. Do come down and support us. We will be rasing funds fro Cicada Tree Eco Place and Acres as well as educating the public on how to use natural herbs found in the kitchen as insect repellent.