Friday, 15 January 2010

Asia Humanitarian Forum

On Friday and Saturday, 15-16 Jan 2010, a group of YEGs participated in the Asia Humanitarian Forum(AHF) held at the National Library. "Organised as a public educational platform to promote humanitarian and environmental causes to the masses" (www., the YEGs were very excited to be part of this inaugural AHF which featured film screenings, green activities, talks and exhibitions by many organisations and NGOs.

As summised by the organiser of this event, "

Many in the world are apathetic and dispassioned about humanitarian and environmental needs beyond their comfort zones. The AHF hopes to fill this social gap. Through talks, workshops, and exhibitions, it aims to reach out to the masses with the urgent message that we are all called to be stewards of Planet Earth and that we need to look out for and attend to fellow world citizens who are suffering from conflict and living in poverty, without social justice, and with little or no access to medical aid. "

For more information, do visit their website at

The YEGs also collaborated with Cicada Tree Ecoplace and proudly displayed two photo exhibitions! The first was to share with visitors eco-living and how everyone can practise "green habits" right at their own home!

The second, was to educate the public of the beauty of Chek Jawa by introducing its rich ecology and habitat. They were inspired by Mr Joseph Lai, a member of Cicada Tree Ecoplace who shared this knowledge with them during their fieldtrip to Chek Jawa last year. The YEGs also took great pains to highlight the on-going tussle between the rising call to defend this special wetland and the pressing need of land for development to contain Singapore's rapidly increasing population.

The seniors also patiently coached and practised oral communication skills with their juniors, giving them immense courage to approach members of the public with copies of the "Chek Jawa Chronicles" (painstakingly written by pure geography students) and bottles of Shoo Mozzie.

They creatively transformed themselves into "walking advertisements!"

New members of the Youth Environmental Guardians. They are young, excited and full of spirit.

They confidently approached members of the public and gamely shared the "Chek Jawa Chronicles" with them.

For more information about Chek Jewa please go to this website
A soft copy of the "Chek Jawa Chronicles" is also downloadable from the website.

For more information about Cicada Tree Eco Palce please go to this website

The YEGs will also like to specially thank Auntie Sylvian for accompanying them to the National Library as well as giving them tips on how best they can decorate the booth! Thank you Auntie Sylvian!

NEA Community Day

The National Environment Agency (NEA) stepped up its community engagement efforts by opening its premises to the public for the first time at its inaugural NEA Community Day on the 9th and 10th of January. 2010

This year, the NEA’s Community Day was hosted at the agency’s North East Regional Office (NERO) on 9 and 10 January, making it the first time an NEA regional office is opened to the public.

Through interesting exhibits, displays and interactions with NEA officers, members of the public received a first-hand briefing on the various activities undertaken by NEA and how they can help NEA sustain Singapore’s clean and green environment.

The YEGs were there to give a helping hand.

Loic, one of our YEG speaking to the public.